Cat A2 and Staged Access around Barrow-in-Furness

Passing a Motorcycle Test if you’re 19-23.

When you’re 19+ you have the option to take the Category A2 test.

Cat A2 is restricted but still means great riding on really fun bikes! They’re not small bikes!

If you’re 19+ it’s really worth taking your Test! All bike tests are the same, it’s just the size of the bike that’s different. Category A2 allows you to ride bikes with a power output up to 35kw or a restricted bigger bike. It really is worthwhile doing your A2 test, otherwise you have to wait until you’re 24 to ride more than 125cc. Why miss 5 years of marvellous riding?!

Staged Access: Two years after passing A2 you have the option to take Cat A test which de-restricts your licence allowing you to ride anything you wish. So, if you took A2 at 19, at 21 you can get an unlimited licence.

The Test Process!

As with all tests - there are several stages! Worth a read if you want to know what’s involved! We can tailor the amount of training to suit you.

Staged Access

Staged Access has a few stages! It might seem like a long process, but doing A2 means you get on big, fun bikes at 19, ride for 2 glorious years, and then do an easy retake for an unlimited licence. If you restrict a bigger bike, when you pass Cat A, you can just derestrict your bike and away you go! Saves having to change your bike immediately, and from a safety point of view probably good to get used to that bit more power on a familiar bike.

See the Simple Steps to Gaining your License:

Costs and Booking

Let us know when you start thinking about Tests! It can be tricky getting dates from the DVSA - we can’t just book you in for next week! If only! Send us an email and we’ll get back to you, or give us a ring. We’ll explain the options and send you some info and links, and let you know when we have a Test date. We can get you booked in and arrange the training when convenient.

A2 Package

The cost of the standard A2 package is £620. This includes a full day’s training for Mod 1 and Mod 2, the two test half-days, bike hire, the DVSA test fees for Mod 1 and 2. It excludes CBT and Theory Test fees. The package cost can be split between the two modules, so just £310 to book Mod 1.

Additional Training

The ‘standard package’ can be tailored to suit your experience. Do a taster for a couple of hours, or do an additional half or full day’s training before getting to grips with the cones. You can also add more training before Module 2 if you feel your road knowledge isn’t great. An additional day’s training prior to Mod 1 or 2 costs £185. An extra half-day costs £95. Big bike taster session is £75

Staged Access Training for Cat A: stage 8&9

If you’re retaking your tests to gain an unlimited Cat A licence, 2 years after A2, then you won’t need a ‘standard package’ if you’ve been riding for 2 years! We can offer a bespoke package to suit your experience. Perhaps a half-day prior to each Module or maybe even no practice before Mod 1. We would always suggest at least half a day before Mod 2 though! It is a test so no ‘bad habits’ allowed! Talk to us and we can advise and recommend. We’re real riders so we will understand your experience and can offer you an economic and flexible route to full Cat A. If you did A2 with us we’ll be very keen to sort you out!

What can I ride?

Category A2 is about a 4-500cc bike. A lot of good 600+ bikes which can be easily restricted.

Example A2 bikes:

  • BMW G650GS
  • Honda CB500X
  • Yamaha MT07 (res)
  • Kawasaki ER-6n (res)
  • Suzuki SV650SA (res)
  • Triumph Tiger 800 (res)
  • Ducati Monster 821 (res)

A2: max 35Kw and a power-to-weight ratio not more than 0.2 Kw/kg, The bike mustn’t be derived from an original one more than twice its power. See this useful site:

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